28 June 2009

One way to know that you have been traveling for too long.....

“Ewwww. There are ants in my toothbrush.” I said to S, holding the brush to my eye for closer inspection. I began to wiggle the bristles around in an effort to dislodge the tiny ants, succeeding in getting rid of all but one. “Pass me the swiss army knife.” I called to him, “I need something pointier....” At that moment the lights went out and the bathroom was plunged into complete darkness– a typical Burmese power failure.

S responded from the other room. “How many ants are in it?”

“There's just one.” I answered back. I could practically see him shrugging.

“Just one ant? I think it's fine.”

I paused for a moment and then shrugged myself as I fumbled in the dark for the toothpaste.

It turned out that one ant in my mouth really wasn't that big a deal.

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