20 March 2010

Confusing Photo of the Week #8 - Olympics Edition

The final Cell-ution?

Let's be honest. I have been a bad blogger lately. Midterms, term papers, a computer studies class in which I only barely understand the concepts - brain fatigue. And in those rare moments (I'm doing a genre analysis paper on sentence-intial connectives - lookatmego!) when I feel calm enough to put down the books, I usually want to bury my head in Tim Gunn's melifluous voice and geek out to Project Runway, or write dark twisted poetry that I will never read to anyone....

But. Here we are. The first day of Spring and I am about to embark on a day trip to the beautiful Lynn Valley for some hiking and suspension bridge-crossing - and I have a few minutes.

Back to the task at hand. This photo above has been plastered all over Vancouver for months. There have been myriad controversies surrounding corporate Olympic sponsorship in Vancouver (librarians being forced to feed children McDonald's and Coke, anyone?) but I haven't heard anyone complain about this weird Samsung ad.

So I will.

a) I don't like the way that the phone seems to be lording over Quatchi and Miga. What is it trying to prove?

b) Why do Quatchi and Miga like this phone so goddamned much when it is clearly wayyyy tooo biggg for them, or anyone to use? I mean, if a freakin' sasquatch is dwarved by the phone, how am I, little Ms 5'2 supposed to use it? Hmmmm?

c) I'm still wondering why it is so big. Really? Who designed this piece of crap ad?

d) Is anyone else concerned and alarmed that Quatchi seems to be giving the phone a Nazi salute? Heil Samsung?
Miga better hope that he is racially pure, because I foresee CelPhoneNacht right around the corner.

e) Do you know what the real official phone of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics was? Hockey. Hockey was also the official toothpaste, snackfood and feminine hygiene product. That's all we really cared about.

Y'know, in case you haven't heard.

02 March 2010

The Hangover...

Thank god I had waterproof mascara after bawling when we won the game!
Watching the closing ceremonies with my mum at Germany Haus. Amazing, amazing day.

...all of Vancouver's got one.

Despite my initial hesitation, the Olympics.....were awesome! What an amazing time in my amazing city. This week I will be posting different musings about what went on, but for now have a look at these articles:

In which we likes ta drink and in which we get recognized for our quirkiness and politeness (duh).

See you soon
Violet Dear