02 March 2010

The Hangover...

Thank god I had waterproof mascara after bawling when we won the game!
Watching the closing ceremonies with my mum at Germany Haus. Amazing, amazing day.

...all of Vancouver's got one.

Despite my initial hesitation, the Olympics.....were awesome! What an amazing time in my amazing city. This week I will be posting different musings about what went on, but for now have a look at these articles:

In which we likes ta drink and in which we get recognized for our quirkiness and politeness (duh).

See you soon
Violet Dear


Strukbylitning7times said...

Bah! I'm still bitter that the Canadian men's team won...I really think there should have been another game since America won the first match up, but that's just the way the games are set up. Nevertheless, it is good to know that your players won't be facing millions of death threats anytime soon. Hockey means more to Canadians anyway...well except in the case of this one die-hard American hockey fan.

*jean* said...

go canada!

The Bug said...

My husband & I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the Olympics this year. In fact, he enjoyed the Canadian women's curling captain a little too much :)

I don't know what you think, & I'm not Canadian so I don't really have a say, but I totally agree with the guy in the second article:

"Then a great raging debate will begin: Was this Winter Olympics worth it, a public debt that may last decades?

Yes, every penny.

In all the important ways, Canada, you owned the podium."