28 September 2009

Please help the flood victims in Manila

They need our help, just like you might one day. Lend a hand?

Hi guys - I have never done this on the 'site before, but I am stranded in Manila and powerless to help the quarter of a MILLION folks who have lost their homes and all of their belongings.

Tropical Storm Ketsana has dumped a month's worth of rain on Manila in ONE DAY - I was here and it was crazy. Over one hundred people have drowned, and the rains are not over.

Please donate to your local Red Cross (specify Manila Ketsana victims) as the Philippines branch does not accept credit card payments online. Any little bit helps - people really could use a hand.

Violet Dear

Update - as of Sep 30, the death toll is at over 250 with two million people having lost their homes. As we speak Ketsana is wreaking havoc on Vietnam and Cambodia, where the combined death toll is over 50. Please help.

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Anonymous said...

Im a "newsie". If the television is on in my home? its on the news. and it wasn't until I read your post that I became aware how catastrophic the flooding in the Philippines was.Thank you