11 October 2009

Confusing Photo of the Week #7

Well, it's better than the "totlet for lamer"...

Oh India, home to the world's most inventive and resourceful people - if there is a solution to be had using cheaper materials someone will have already duct taped it together somewhere on the subcontinent.

A similar photo was featured on Failblog a few months ago, but I swear that this is the real deal - I spied this gem in the Cathedral of Bom Jesus in Old Goa. Apparently the remains of St. Francis Xavier are also there, but I hardly noticed, so fixated with this marvel of ingenuity was I.

The next time someone you know is complaining about their life, show 'em old deckchair here.
That oughtta do it.

(Thanks so much to Benson at Benson's Scene for pointing out that this chair is actually the product of an amazing charity project called "The Free Wheelchair Mission" - it's designed to supply disabled folks from poor countries with affordable means of transportation. Wow! Please click here to learn more about the cause and donate some moolah!)


Benson J Wright said...

hahaha, those wheelchairs are actually made by a company. they are called like 'free wheel chairs' or something like that. we pass them out all the time to the people here in iraq. i have a pic of a lady with no legs in one, if you want to be more confused. should be a pic on this blog

Pat said...

Wow - you'd never see one of those in the over 55 communities of Arizona!

Violet Dear said...

Wow, Thanks Benson, great post.

The wheelchairs are actually a great idea - I just thought that it was weird India idiosyncrasy! Now I feel humbled and happy that someone came up with this bizarre idea so that more people have access to wheelchairs...

aynzan said...

God Bless the person who got this (weird) but useful idea..