05 January 2010

Violet on the Block....

It always amazes me that there are still coffee shops that do not have wifi. I mean, a Timmy Ho's I can understand, I am talking about your socially conscious, free trade organic coffee shop where the baristas have ironic haircuts and berets. Don't they need the internets to download the latest Devendra Banheart album?

I digress. My point is that when you are enjoying a green tea and a piece of icing-heavy carrot cake (yoga will cancel this out – right? RIGHT?) while you wait for yoga to start and you realize that your writer's block may indeed be over you should have access to your blog. I mean, I had more free wifi in Cambodia. The Olympics are coming, Vancouver – and people want their wifi.

What's that bit I just said about writer's block? It's more of a 'blogger's block.' I am churning out fiction and poetry like a Bronte sister on meth, but the moment I stare at the happy orange and blue Blogger interface it all goes to hell. I have a dozen blogs half written – a particularly nice one about Jaisalmer, the top ten reasons I love LA and a piece about Vancouver's opium den history to name a few. Do you think I could finish them? Or, at the very least, stop thinking about finishing them and then beating myself up as I open another folder instead?

I like you guys. I really do. I don't want to lose you. You, ermm, complete me? Had me at hello? Take a piece of my heart? Shine on you crazy diamond (oh wait....)

Another confession – and I make this one with a grimaced face – I am back in school. University. Taking four courses, each with insane work loads. And tut tut tut- before you congratulate me and give me air high five - you do know what that means, right? It means that my every waking moment for the next 4 months will be consumed with reading, writing, panicking, drinking tea, panicking, drinking beer to forget the panic and reading. And more writing. And probably at least two (oh let's be honest – 4) fits of complete Klaus Kinski style hysteria. Will I have the time and the heart to blog for you?

(As an aside, the two week break that I get during the Olympics (yes, even the Universities here in my fair city are closing) is going to be filled up by another amazing opportunity – I am going to be leading the Vancouver Police Museum's "Sins of the City" walking tours, taking tourists through the seedy underbelly of Vancouver's not-too-distant past. Come and visit! Take a tour with me! Apparently the whole world is coming - you should too!)

Part of the problem is that my blog is about - and should continue to be about - my travels (being a tourist in your own city counts) and not just my random thoughts. Random thoughts are easy. That I can do every day or so and let you all know the weird and random pop culture and film crap that is flooding my brain at any given moment – but it's no 'majestic sweeping rice paddy' description. But then what happens to my archives? My hard work at crafting a travel website that I would read goes down the squat toilet and I end up just being another random musings blog. Do y'all like me enough for that?

Do I like me enough for that? Sigh.

So here's the rub – I promise to write about my past travels (and finish the Jaisalmer entry – I started it in the Philippines during a typhoon, for Shiva's sake) and my new travels and like, actual interesting activities but for the sake of my grades and (in)sanity I may also just spew out random thoughts as well. Is that okay? Are we all okay with this?

I hope so. And let's all just hope a girl can get some wifi up in here.

And just to blow all y'alls minds - this is what S and I look like when we are NOT disgusting backpackers.


The Bug said...

I read your blog for the humor & the insight - I don't really care what the topic is about. So write on!

Kaotic said...

Travel or random, I'm sure I'll be back just so I can smile. So keep them posts coming in, be it fiction, poetry, random or travel.

Marilee said...

Violet, you and S are ADORABLE!

Sproglet said...

You have some of the best random thoughts I've ever read, so keep them coming!

Lovely gorgeous couple :)

B x

Daisy said...

Violet, you are absolutely hilarious. Found you thru jono's eclecticism and have thoroughly enjoyed many of your posts.

Particularly loved the one about canadian health care, and what the american media says about it. I also love your travel posts.. yum, wish I could have gone/eaten/experienced all those wonderful places.

Keep it up.


the fashionate traveller said...

Violet you look GORGEOUS here! And S looks spiffy too. And while we love your thoughtful, well-researched travel posts, we'll also enjoy your random thoughts as well.

It's the intelligence, humour and humanity of your writing that I love :)

Sproglet said...

Violet :)

There's a gift....and a challenge if you have time...on my blog for you.

Take care,

B xx

that girl in Italy said...

Yeah, for real, I read your blog for the humor, wit, and awesome insight no matter what you write about.

The end of 2010 though, I feel like S.E. Asia is calling me, so your blog is a greeeeeat resource for me!