09 November 2012

Some things I learned in Kathmandu today.

Things I did NOT learn: How to make this map make sense.
1. As a part of my position at Next Generation Nepal I will attend regular meetings with the UN. (!!!) For a gal like me who plans to one day work for UNESCO, this is a dream come true.

2. This city is four years overdue for an earthquake that is predicted to kill about 25% of the population. I come from a city that has its own fears about the “BigOne” but the idea of 200,000 casualties kind of blows my mind. My new boss strongly suggested that I prepare a “go bag,” try to get a room in a UN-worker certified flat and register myself with the Canadian embassy. I can’t say I am not a bit shaken by all of this. Ha! No pun intended. *adjusts collar*

3. There are elections called for March, and it is predicted that they will spur massive strikes, protests and violence in the streets. Nepal is a politically unstable nation, and I guess all of the talk of Buddhism, the tinkling prayer bells and the calls of “Namaste” make me forget the grim realities of a nascent democracy.

4. And finally, I learned that I had forgotten how much vagina and boob touching occurs during an Ayurvedic massage. Turns out it’s a lot.

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Patra said...

The impending earthquake sounds like a pain, is there anyway to get forewarnings and evacuate as many people as possible? Nepal is a beautiful country, it's a shame natural disasters are out of our control.

Well done obtaining the UN meetings! I share similar aspirations and hope to work with a UN subdivision.

I actually just posted a few photos from my trip to kathmandu (www.thenomadme.blogspot.com/nepal),I hope you have an incredible time.