24 August 2009

One Fine Day - Lunch in Jimbaran

Balinese decoration, tinkling in the wind at our lunch restaurant.

It's actually kind of embarrassing how much I love food.

I know that it's pretty de rigeur right now to be a foodie, but trust me, not all of my loves are respectable. You can count poutine, Hawkins cheezies and Japadog in my list of guilty pleasures that I don't announce regularly when in fine restaurants. Thankfully, my love of fresh seafood, vegetables and spice redeems me, at least a bit (when I am not eating scrambled eggs and Cheez Whiz on toast.)

My love affair with crab is well documented on M&B (this is my first time calling it that. Is that lame? I think it's lame. This is the last time I am calling it that.) I don't know if it is my gutteral instincts coming through, but there is something about completely eviscerating the shell and pulling out all of the crabmeat, bits of guts splashing about and pointy things flying everywhere, that really makes crab eating half entertainment/half culinary experience. I love it.

Fingers covered in guts and shell - this is the life.

I landed back in Indonesia, to Bali, a few days ago after a quick visit home to Vancouver. S and Brandon met me at the airport and whisked me to our amazing Villa in Jimbaran, a beautiful beach close to the tourist hell of Kuta, but extremely laid back with 75% less hippie jank.

"D'ya, um...d'ya think we should, um, run.....?" Yes. 
We spent the morning and early afternoon on the beach - trying to get "cocoa" brown, smoking like guilty teenagers and playing in the ass kicking waves.
"Brandon - you know the signs of a tsunami, yeah?" He shook his head. "OK, if you see the water suck back and go out really really far - run. Run fast and climb something." He nodded.
"Yep - it's a post 9/11 world - you can never be too careful, man. Terrorists could be anywhere, brah." At that moment a wave picked us both up and slammed us into the sand.

They served - I ate.

Brandon headed back to the villa (I will never get tired of saying that) and S and I went for one of the most amazing meals I have had on this trip - all for eight dollars.

The view as we ate.

The meal started with fresh fish soup and cucumber salad. We sat and watched the waves mercilessly pound the beach, not knowing what to expect from our crab. Would they be tiny little guys halfed and stirfried like in Kep? A big bruiser boiled until bright red? Covered in some kinda icky sauce?

The table cloth looks like Brandon's wardrobe...

The waitress walked over and began unloading her tray -amazing, wonderful things were placed on our table - 4 sauces, rice, potatoes, vegetable and....the crab. Our fellow had been grilled on an open flame - he was perfectly cooked served with a nutcracker (rare in Asia.)

Jocrab and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamsauce

These sauces were the most amazing component of the meal other than the crab itself. Other than their actual prettiness, each one was magical. Clockwise:  Crushed raw garlic, Bali Sauce (vinegar, chilis) Tomato and Lemongrass and a sort of Teriyaki Sweet Soy.

No words. Except perfect.

When the perfect huge claws popped open the meat was tender and juicy and a bit salty. I could eat it every day and be happy - I am the Bubba Gump of crab.

Greasy fingers, clean heart. Well, besides all that cholesterol...

It was one of those meals, like this or like this, that inspires you creatively, fills your brain with clear energy and makes your step bounce a little (not that I need more bounce. Eep...) I dipped my dirty fingers in the ocean and we headed back to the Villa (see? It never gets old) for an afternoon of Bintang, sunbathing and cooking.

Life, if I ever need reminding, is good.

On a completely separate note, look at this salad I made using the bare minimum of ingredients and utensils. Fuck you, Jamie Oliver!


Katie said...

I am so jealous of your crabfest! It all looks insanely delicious. Keep up the food posts - your fellow foodies need their fix. :)

Sproglet said...

OMG!! Jimbaran *tick*

That crab looks too amazing....want...*drool*

Teresa said...

I've been following your blog without commenting (yes, a lurker), but these photos are truly beautiful. And making me very hungry. I'm enjoying your joie d'vivre.

kanmuri said...

Oh!!! The salad looks good. I'm not a big fan of crab (tho we DO have extremely good crab in Japan) but I certainly share your love for poutine!!! It'll be two years soon since I last ate poutine. T_T There is no wondering what I'll eat next year when I first set foot back in Canada!

Dennis Hilario said...

nice blog...you actually brought me to your experience here, try Manila and the Philippines in your next escapes.

brown eyed girl said...

Found your blog a few weeks back and really enjoy it! The crab looks amazing seafood is one of my all time favourites.
Got to ask though what meat is Japdog made from? lol

richardarghiris said...

Hey Violet, just responding to your tweet (ialivejournal). My blog is http://interamericana.co.uk

Sorry to post this as a comment, I couldn't reply straight to your message because you're not following me.

Happy travels.

JustTheReceptionist said...

salad looks amazing!!