14 August 2009

A wee one....

I did not take this photo - but I love the jewel tones. That's m'city! Jealous?

As some of you know from my Twitter, I am back in my hometown of Vancouver for a weekish after a family tragedy. I have been wandering around my city with wide eyes and a camera, documenting things that I never would have even noticed a year ago.

Sure, I've traveled a lot over the past 10 years, but the 10 months away (so far) have changed my relationship with my home. I feel different. It feels different. Perhaps that is because of the 10 minute intervals I have been sleeping in due to the Worst. Jetlag. Ever.

Basically I am putting this out there to let you, my faithful lovely readers, know that I will be back with new long posts with bright colourful photos (including one by the magnificent S).... but I need a few days. Coming home for a short visit - cheating on my trip, essentially - is a strange experience.

There is nothing I like to write about more.....

Violet Dear

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