03 May 2010

London and Paris and Lions and Tigers and Plans - oh my!

So little time to plan. In some ways that's good. (Right? Riiigggghttt?)

This week I have jetted off on what has to be the most last-minute trip I have ever taken. Thursday morning? Toast and tea and planning a weekend (and birthday) in Vancouver, making use of my amazing tourism passport and hanging out. Friday morning? Chaos and giddiness as S found out he was being sent to London for business tout suite, and oh yeah? Would I like to come, expenses paid? (F%$! yes) We left Saturday afternoon, volcanic ashcloud be damned.

It's lovely to be heading back to these cities for the first time since I was an eighteen year old idiot with my head firmly up my own arse (below are things I am planning on visiting, yes, but they are also things that I missed the first time when I was poor, ignorant and flighty.) So now, I have 6 days in London, 4 in Paris and then back to Vancouver to start my Summer job and head back to school for two classes. But in the glorious meantime?

My plans:
  • National Gallery - da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli and Van Eyck all just off of Trafalgar Square.
  • Tate Modern - As much as I love Renaissance art, twentieth century art makes my heart sing, my pulse race and my head spin. That's passion, dears.
  • Stonehenge and Bath - on my birthday, no less! I just hope that this doesn't trivialize the experience too much...
  • British Museum - Oh, did this belong to you? Our bad.
  • Portobello Road - because I love Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
  • Fish n Chips and Bitter. Hit me. Again.
  • Musee d'Orsay - again with the modern art. A bit earlier, but still swoon-worthy. Toulouse Lautrec FTW!
  • Notre Dame Cathedral - S said he wanted to pet the hunchback. I told him that that was just a homeless man and he should stop going on Parisian peyote benders.
  • Montmartre - the historic artists enclave.
  • Edith Piaf walking tour - The Little Sparrow's small village, ending at her grave in the Pere Lachaise cemetery, also home to Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Balzac.
  • "Paris during the Occupation" walking tour - because we're both history nerds. Like, a lot.
  • FOOD AND WINE. Like, all of it. Moules et frites, sole meuniere, FROMAGE, pain au chocolate et beaucoup de vin Bordeaux. Beaucoup.
See you along the way, dears.
xo Violet Dear

S, peeking out from behind London.

1 comment:

Marilee said...

Violet, am so happy you are off enjoying yourself :-)

Have missed your posts, your vacation travel year was our introduction, and I must say, I miss you!

Very selfish of me, since you are very busy now and off to school.

Thanks for letting us come along on your european adventure, and I wish you and S a safe and happy trip!