10 May 2010

Tarte Aux Framboises.

This doesn't even need a caption.

I promise that I will write about Notre Dame, about the Tour Eiffel and strolling the Seine, about Restaurant Chartiers and the Musee D'Orsay - but right now I only have 5 minutes and I can't get this tart out of my head. I ate it two days ago, near the afore-mentioned museum, and it was transcendent.

How did I even manage to choose?

The raspberries, in season here, were light and sweet and a bit tart - perfectly squishy and laid on a bed of delicate creamy custard. The crust was buttery and a bit crunchy, without being greasy, and tasted like it had crushed almonds in the flour. The whole thing made me moan "mmmmm" out loud as I ate it, and I spent all day yesterday looking for another of similar quality, to no avail. Just fail tarts in comparison. Sigh.

Today is my last day in Paris. Wish me luck on the tart front.

It made me re-tart-ed. Look at the madness in my eyes.


Lux Opus said...

oh how i love how you write :)

kanmuri said...

Oooooooh! Looks delicious!

Boogdoodle Beads said...

violet- i love your blog! i've been a reader since india. :) i wanted to let you know that i've put a link to your blog in the Links I Love section on my blog. www.boogdoodle.com

Struckbylightning7times said...

The berries on the tart look utterly fantastic. Seriously though, not one disappointing post from you...well maybe one, but I can't recall which one it was, so it doesn't really count.