07 July 2009

Some Blogs and Articles I am Loving.....

I am always reading something......

A Great list of tips and tricks for Mummies and Daddies with the traveling bug - I saw this one and it reminded me of this photo. A must read if you are planning on backpacking with a baby.

What Will I Ever Do With My Life?
A good question for all of us - and especially for me right now! I love this blog - I just started reading it and she is hilarious. What do I want to be when I grow up? This woman.

You know when one of your besties does something so well that you get all misty eyed and proud and want to snuggle them to your bosom and tell strangers about how great they are as if they are your giant overgrown children and not people that you have drank a lot of sangria and rye with in the past? This right here. This isn't even his site. This is another site fucking interviewing him and calling him a 'godfather.' My eyes are moist.

And for my next vacation.... Summer camp for nerdy writer adults! I'm in!

Having no kitchen and no way to cook while on the road has does nothing to diminish my love of cooking and food porn. If you love food read orangette. Ignore the fact that she is taking some time away and just read the past entries and look at the photos- I get hungry and a little aroused when I do....

I envy people that can write 15 tips really well about traveling in Asia, as my writing diarreah forces me to write 40.... These are great- if you are traveling to Asia you need to read them! This link is also good one for Asia travel tips.

A blog that makes me want to go back to India - what am I thinking?!!&@%

And lastly, my life is not all about travel and food. It is also about celebrity gossip, and the meaner the better. If you're a little sick of perez, then click on this link. You're welcome.

Violet Dear

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julochka said...

while i may have to go back to india at some point, nothing could make me WANT to. :-)

thanks for linking to our blog camp. :-) you're most welcome anytime!