08 July 2009

What to do, what to do?

Lasagna in Cambodia - better than it had any right to be....

I guess while you are on your life-changing year away you are not supposed to revel in the things that you miss from home, but let's face it: I am human. It's the one thing any of us are.

I am drinking red wine, listening to Edith Piaf and scanning perez and facebook for news from the West, but no matter how many sips I swallow or clicks I make I am firmly ensconced in Asia and watching Sean drink an Archa beer is only further proof. "Rain!" he says as a spattering noise hits the tarp above our heads. We pause and listen for a moment.
"No," I say, "Just a clumsy gecko or maybe some falling mangoes..."

What will happen to me when I get home? Will I miss the mix of banal routine and thrilling rush of travel and quickly save new money - more money - to come back and do it all over again or even - gasp - become a dreaded expat? (no offense to this link - I love her blog.) Abandon my friends and family and head to the promised land of Asia - capitol A little s i a - where I can align my chakras, escape all of my indiscretions andorder my first drink at noon with no one judging me?

Or will I never again go on an extended trip and rather wistfully look with longing at those who do and regret the decisions that put me there out of reach of the international terminal at YVR?
Dream and taste and touch the feeling of freedom from afar?

All I know now is that I want to resist the broodiness urge for as long as possible and keep putting my money in an account that for me is of tantamount importance - the travel fund.

And while I am traveling, if I need French Bleu Cheese in Suriname, some All My Children in London, some lasagna in Cambodia or a taco in Krgyzstan than I think I deserve it.

At least I don't order my first drink at noon.....

....most days.

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Heppy said...

i will never judge you for having yr first drank at noon. so long as i too am having one.