03 July 2009

Thai Food - 2 meals

Red Curry Lunch

It is creamy, sweet and spicy and that kind of savoury that hits the sides of your tongue and causes it to roll a bit. Pale yellow coconut milky soup with tiny red chili flecks and strips of kaffir lime dotting the surface, tumeric and tomato swirling together and flavouring the whole bowl. Each round spoonful contains different combinations of plump shrimp, bright orange carrots, crunchy baby corn and juicy onion, all blanketed by thick leaves of a kale-like spinach and green cabbage. My nose runs and temperature rises from the chilies and the heat of the broth. Afterwards my lips burn and are bright red.

Fresh Fish Supper

Earlier today we watched as the resident Italian beach bum dove into the reef and speared 4 fish effortlessly. I found Pon, the owner of our bungalows, and told her that we wanted a whole fish for our supper – one of these impossibly fresh ones caught a few metres away. It arrived deep fried golden brown with crispy skin, smothered in crunchy pungent garlic, ground white pepper and sea salt. After flaying the skin we squashed sour lemon halves onto the flakey white flesh, scooped long strips of fish off of the bones and shoveled them into our salivating mouths. We left the fish picked clean.


blackish said...

The red curry lunch sounds & looks so delicious.


hi there ... wow the lunch looks wonderful, and tasty .. i love flavor my self but omg the head and eye ball staring at me would cauae me to hurl big time, yikes, the eye ball , any way thanks for sharing your food , i love to cook and bake ,and i always am nosey to what other people are eating, what is your favorite meal that you have eaten since yiu started your trip?? have a gorgeous pink rainbow day
georgia from ohio

Violet Dear said...

My favourite meal, by far so far has been the crab I ate in Kep, Cambodia. AMAZING.

Other than that, the food I ate at a homestay in Chamba India was amazing!

Miranda said...

OMG the shrimp looks amazing!

I've really enjoyed reading your blog. You are a great writer and definitely an inspiration.

I'm getting ready to embark on a similar adventure, but probably for only about 3-4 months, though I'm heading to many of the same places. You can check me out here: adventuresinfunemployment.blogspot.com. I depart in 8 days, and this will be my travel blog, but there are some random musings up already.

Happy travels!