16 July 2009

Things I like right now.....

In the massage chair. This is where I am at my happiest.

1) Strangers touching my feet for money.

My love of massage is well documented. I especially love foot massages, but tonight is the first time that I have tried the "foot scrub" that is advertised on every sandwich board across Asia. My esthetician applied some kind of (probably toxic) chemical to my rough backpacker feet and 10 minutes later delighted in showing me the HORRIFYING amount of dead skin he had scraped off of my dogs. It was like tablespoons of sludgy dead skin. "Eeeewww!" I half giggled/half gagged.
"There. Now like baby's bum." He said.
It's true. They are.

2) Going to Brunei:

Seriously - who goes to Brunei? Tomorrow night I land in Bandar Seri Begawan, and let's be honest: two years ago I didn't even know that that was a place. It sounds like a religious text, and Bandar is the Hindi word for monkey so I just keep picturing monkeys and sultans and oil. Which, if Lonely Planet is correct, will not be too far off of the mark. Let's see if I can ditch S and bag me a sultan....

Nikki Sixx in all his metal god glory.

3) My embarrassingly long lasting crush on Nikki Sixx:

When will this end? My childhood crush on Nikki is probably the reason I like girly boys, preferably with a wee bit of make-up on (do not call it guyliner. You sound like a douche.) I was reminded of him today and I sighed. Sigh.

Beth Ditto - Rock God

4) Beth Ditto's fat girl fashion line:

I am not a big enough girl to wear these, but I kind of want to indulge in a few more poutines and Chang beers so that I can.... I love Beth Ditto, I love The Gossip and I love these clothes. (To be fair, I think I would love any clothing that was not functional, quick drying and conservative right now....)

I will never be a cute Asian flight attendant, and that hurts me.

5) Air Asia.com

I know we are in an era where we are supposed to be reducing our air travel, but c'mon. I flew to Myanmar from Bangkok for 70 bucks CAD roundtrip! I am about to pay similar to fly roundtrip to Colombo, Sri Lanka from KL. This is ridiculous. I don't know whether to scold their recklessness or get down on my knees and give thanks. Ahh, to hell with it. Thanks it is! Here is my credit card!


Kim said...

Were you able to find a massage in Brunei? I couldn't in Sandakan and was most confused as it was ASIA!

Gersh said...

whoa, your 3rd favorite thing reinforced this video I saw explaining how the music industry has been part of some big plan to make everyone confused about gender, and all i guess i can say is...mission complete!
nice blog though, its so clean!

erin said...

I'm with you, crushing on Nikki Sixx! Even in my thirties I still think he's the hottest!

Gerry said...

Nikki Sixx nothing to be embarrassed about there. Be thankful your crush was not the likes of Ronan Keating! (The only person who ever caused me to cringe at us both being Irish! UGH!)

Nikki Sixx in Brides of Destruction shut da F up video Rocked!

The guys a recovered Alcoholic does AA meetings, & open the truth on the unglamour of rock star heroin & just about every other drug & drink addiction in recent book Nikki Sixx wrote "The Heroin Diaries".

Ah Yes... nothing like a good old headband to Looks that Kill & Girls Girls Girls, but their 1st album ever was the best too fast for love.

Interested weird even, as I live in Thailand to out of the blue, pops up this photo of Nikki Sixx (photo from Shout At Devil - Motley Crue era).

Yes, its a test & a show of character to "confess" go get sober in AA, I feel for Sixx its a totally worthwhile but facing the demons is not easy on road to clean.. literally ;-)

I enjoyed reading your blog post around the Sixx photo & extra bonus of Air Aisa chicks..

Good Luck, May blessing float before ever step you take.

God Bless